Winlink Mesh

Using W4UVA-10 via CVADN

In addition to the two RF channels for access to W4UVA-10 (VHF and UHF), the gateway is also available over the CVADN mesh network. In Winlink Express, select “Telnet Post Office” under “Open Session”:

In the Telnet Post Office session, select “Add server”:

Configure the W4UVA-10 gateway at DNS name “KQ9P-W4UVA-5.local.mesh”:

You should be able to Start a Winlink session over the CVADN Mesh network.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) via CVADN

It is also possible to make P2P connections over the CVADN mesh. The AREDN mesh node to which the computer receiving the P2P session is connected must have port 8774 forwarded to the computer’s local mesh IP address (assigned by the mesh node). Winlink Express must be running on the computer receiving the session. (It doesn’t matter which direction messages are flowing, only which computer is initiating the P2P session and which is receiving the session connection, just like over HF, VHF, or UHF.)

To establish a session, select “Telnet P2P” then click “Open Session”:

Select “Add station” to open the dialog window for configuration a station.

In the “Add station” dialog window, give the station entry a name and enter the mesh node name hosting the computer that will receive the session connection:

“Save”, then proceed with a P2P session just as you would over HF, VHF, or UHF .